We offer a complete range of vertical slab gel electrophoresis systems, suitable for a wide variety of modern electrophoretic techniques. The MINI model answer the demand for small, conventional electrophoresis unit for fast, high resolution protein separations in 8x7cm gel. The REGULAR model is used for electrophoresis in 16x14cm gel. The DUAL models are versatile ones for running two gels, under similar conditions simultaneously. Gels can be cast in three different thickness with the GEL CASTING UNIT, available for both MINI or REGULAR and DUAL models.

Selection guide - Vertical Electrophoresis System

Specification Dimensions (lxbxh)cm Gel Size (cm) No.of Samples Buffer Required (ml) Water Circulation Cat No.
Vertical Mini Gel System 15x18x15 8x7 (1 gel) 7 100+150 No BN14-05-01
Vertical Dual Mini Gel System 16x20x15 8x7 (2 gels) 14 150+200 Yes BN14-05-02
Vertical Midi Gel System 25x20x27 16x14 (1 gel) 13 150+200 No BN14-05-03
Vertical Dual Midi Gel System 23x18x27.5 16x14 (2 gels) 26 250+500 Yes BN14-05-04
Vertical Maxi Gel System 29x20x21 16x20 (1 gel) 20 300+600 No BN14-05-05
Vertical Dual Maxi Gel System 29x22x23 16x20 (2 gels) 40 300+700 Yes BN14-05-06
Vertical Extra Large Gel System - 41x20 (1 gel) 80 600+200 No BN14-05-07