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Tube Rotator


Tube rotators are used to mix the samples of different volume. Tube rotator is made out of heavy gauge MS with powder coated body. It contains magnetic platform to hold different capacity of tube racks. RPM can be set from 10-60rpm. DC Motor is used to get accuracy in speed control and for less noise level.

Model BN14-TR-100
Speed 10-60 RPM
Platform Magnetic Base
Motion Circular
Control Variable DC Control
Platform Size 295mm x 220mm (Dual Side)
Tube Holder 2ml and 15ml Magnetic Tube Holder (10 tubes)
Dimension W x D x H (435 x 220 x 205) mm
Working Voltage 230V A.C. 50 Hz
Optional Accessories 2ml Magnetic tube holder (10tubes)
5ml Magnetic tube holder (10tubes
15ml Magnetic tube holder (10tubes)
50ml Magnetic tube holder (8tubes)

Vortex Mixer


Vortex mixers are used to mix very low volume of samples for short time application. There are two modes of operations, touch mode and constant mode. We supply one cup attachment and one micro tube insert along with the instrument. In tube insert attachment totally 13 tubes can be placed.

Model BN14-VM-3000
Speed 3000 RPM
Operation Tough Mode / Manual Mode
Top Platform Round
Cabinet MS Powder coated
Operating Voltage 230V A.C. 50Hz
Accessories Flask Adopter, Rubber Adopter or Test tube adopter