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UV Transilluminator Research Model


Bionova range of transilluminators are designed and manufactured to the highest possible specification which find wide applications for DNA analysis. All models have high output UV tubes, which have an average life expectancy of 5000 hours. The UV filters are polished to give blemish free viewing of the gel.

Model BN14-TCM1
No. of Tubes 4 + 4
Wattage 8 Watts
Wavelenght 312 & 365nm
Detection limit 0.1 ng
Filter area 20 x 20 cms
Body MS with powder coated.
UV Protection shield Yes

White light transilluminator for protein analysis


Model BN14-TCM2
No. of tubes 6
Wattage 8 watts
Filter area 20 x 20cm
Body MS with powder coated

UV and white light transilluminator with 302nm


Model BN14-T21
Wavelength White light and 302nm
No. of tubes UV 6 and white light 2
Wattage 8 wattes
Detection limit 0.1ng of stained DNA
Filter area 20 x 20 cms
Body MS with powder
UV Protection shield Yes

TLC plate UV chamber


Model BN14-TLC-UV-001
UV Exposed area 300x300nm
UV tubes 254nm & 365nm
UV window UV Protective shield
UV Area Rubber mat with strips
Unit protection Trough fast blow
Input voltage 230v + / - 10% AC 50Hz

Temperature control module (with PT 100 sensor)


Model BN14-TCM-100
Temperature range Above ambient to 200 c
Controller LED display PID controller
Accuracy +/- 0.2 c
Sensor Type PT 100 (6mm Dia x 150mm length)
Cable Length 3 Meter
Safety Higher and Lower cutoff
Enclosure Stainless steel enclosure
Overall dimension W x H x D (140x175x90)mm
Output Control 220v AC out
Working voltage 220v AC @ 50 Hrtz