The most efficient way to separate DNA fragments in Agarose Gels is by “Submarine” electrophoresis. In this technique, the entire gel is submerged in the buffer.

We offer different type of models for different applications like Mini, Midi, Maxi, Maxi XL, Maxi XXL etc.

Selection guide - Submarine Electrophoresis System

Specification Dimensions (lxbxh)cm Gel Size (cm) No.of Samples Water Circulation Cat No.
Mini Sub System 20x10x10 10x7 8 No BN14-03-01
Midi Sub System 24x18x10 13x13 13 No BN14-03-02
Midi Sub Prep System 37x18x10 13x25 13 No BN14-03-03
Maxi Sub System 33x23x10 20x20 26 No BN14-03-04
Maxi Sub XL System 40x33x12 30x25 99 Yes BN14-03-07
Maxi Sub XXL System 42x34x8 20x30 120 Yes BN14-03-09