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Magnetic Stirrer with Teflon coating platform


Magnetic stirrers with advanced technology. The accurate speed control assuring trouble free continuous operation. The free spinning rotating magnet spine a Teflon stirring bar (not a standard accessory) to stir liquids in open and closed vessels. The solid state feedback control system maintains excellent speed stability despite viscosity or volume changes or voltage fluctuations. We manufactures different type of stirrers for different application like 10 ltrs stirrers for more samples, Magnetic stirrers with hot plate, digital hot plate with magnetic stirrer for temperature related applications.

Model BN14-MGS-04-TF
Speed 2000 rpm
Magnet High power magnet
Capacity 2L
Control Variable regulated speed
Motor AC Motor
Platform size 162 x 175 mm
Platform Teflon Coating
Overall dimension W x D x H (163 x 175 x 126)mm
Input voltage 220v ac@ 50 Hrtz

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot plate Teflon coating Platform


Magnetic stirrers having a inbuilt hot plate, where in the temperature 0 0 can be controlled from above ambient to 160 c at an accuracy of +5 c with the help of imported thermostat. Clearly visible inbuilt digital display with timer and temperature indication. Strip heaters ensure that temperature uniformity is maintained evenly across the platform. Working table is made out 1.8mm stainless steel sheet to with stand high temperature.

Model BN14-MGS-2L-TF
Speed 2000 rpm
Temperature Range Above Ambient to 200°C
Temperature Controller Digital temperature controller
Magnet High power magnet
capacity 2L
control Variable regulated speed
Motor AC Motor
Platform size 162 x 175 mm
Platform Teflon Coating
Overall Dimension W x D x H (163 x 175 x 126) mm
Input Vol 220v ac@ 50 Hrtz
Supporting Rod optional

Digital overhead mechnical stirrer


Bionova Instruments manufactures and supplies overhead magnetic stirrer. The company provides overhead magnetic stirrers in different models keeping in mind the specific needs of users. These overhead magnetic stirrer are manufactured from durable raw materials, which ensures long life and minimum maintenance.

Model BN14-OHS-1000-D
Speed Regulation Regulated feedback system
Speed 1500rpm
Control Variable DC Control
display LED Display
Capacity 10ltrs
Motor Adopter SS Chuck for inserting Rod
Chuck range max dia 10mm dia
Motor High torque BLDC motor
Motor Holder SS Rod to hold the 12x300mm length
Input working voltage 2 30V A.C. 50Hz

Water Bath


Water bath can be used to heat the samples through water. There is a separate circulation inside the chamber to maintain the uniform temperature across the corners. We used PID controller to maintain very accurate temperature. Controller has got auto tuning and self calibration modes. Controller can be calibrated by using natural water with the help of external thermometer. The controller can be operated without supervision. Inner body made out of SS and outer body mode out of MS with powder coated. Controller portion can be taken out easily to clean the tank.

Model BN14-WB-70
Temperature Range Above ambient to 80 c
Controller Digital Temperature controller PID type
Accuracy +/-0.5 c
Capacity 10 ltrs
Circulation Stirring to maintain uniform temperature
Tray SS Tray and Lid
Outer Cabinet Stainless steel powder coated enclosure
Inside Chamber Stainless steel
Inner Dimension W x D x H (270x240x150)mm
Operating Voltage 230V A.C 50Hz
Available Models 5ltrs, 15ltrs & 20ltrs

Dry Bath


Dry Bath is designed to uniformly heat the contents of 24 tubes from ambient 0 to 100 c. The microprocessor controls with digital display ensures accurate temperature control and avoids contamination of samples, unlike in a water bath. Dry bath has soft touch keys enabling easy setting of temperature. It is compact, rugged and easy to handle. Each dry bath is provided with a solid anodized aluminiumcombi block (standard) to hold 24 tubes (1.5ml - 8 tubes; 0.5ml - 8 tubes and 5ml - 8tubes). It is housed in recessed chamber. The micro 0 processor controls ensure aluminum block temperature to be within +0.5 c of set value. It is designed for continuous us and there is no need to unplug. The aluminium block can be autoclaved to avoid contamination.

Model BN14-DB-120
Temperature range +5 c above ambient to 100 c
Controller Digital temperature control
Accuracy +/-0.5 c
Block Size 100 x 75 x 38mm
Block Capacity 0.5ml x 8 Tubes
1.5ml x 8 Tubes
2.5ml x 8 Tubes
Dimension W x D x H (165x255x133)mm
Input Voltage 230V A.C. 50 Hz

Dry bath with dual block


Model BN14-PDB-100
Temperature Range +5 c above ambient to 100 c
Controller PID Temperature controller
Accuracy +/-0.2 c
Sensor PT 100 Sensor
Display Digital Display
Block Capacity 1.5ml / 2ml x 56 tubes
Overall Dimension W x D x H (200x170x105)mm
Block High grade non-porus aluminum
Safety Cutoff Thermostatic safety cutoff
Operating Voltage 230V A.C. 50Hz
Special Acrylic lid To maintain stability for external temperature variation