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Bionova Coolers

Cooler, thermal container is ideal for ultra low temperature and conventional freezer storage. It is ideal for storage of restriction enzymes, nucleic acids and other biochemical or biological samples, requiring sub freezing temperatures. It replaces the conventional ice box.

  • It helps to maintain temperature stability for stored samples in the freezer during vial handling or power failure.
  • It maintains sub zero temperatures for up to 3 hours, when used at the bench top at normal room temperature. It eliminates numerous trips back and forth to the laboratory freezer.
  • It may also be used to freeze mammalian and insect cells prior to ultra low temperature storage.
  • Two sizes, 12 or 24 tube storage modules are available for 1.5ml or 0.5ml standard size conical tubes.

We deals with different type of coolers where the sample can be stored for two to two and half hours in vials.

Model BN14-GC1
Capacity 12 x 1.5ml
Principal Materials Acrylic
Model BN14-GC2
Capacity 12 x 0.5ml
Principal Materials Acrylic
Model BN14-GC3
Capacity 24 x 0.5ml
Principal Materials Acrylic