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In electrophoretic transfer (blotting) method, the gel containing the separated sample is sandwiched between immobilizing membranes. When an electric field is applied, the separated molecules are transferred from the gel to the membrane, where they are bound and readily accessible for further analysis. We offer blot models; Mini model (8x7cm gel) and regular model (16x14cm gel) are single cassette models for western blotting of proteins onto membrane filters. Dual models of the same are for the electrophoretic transfer of two gels simultaneously and are provided with heat exchanger which controls the temperature of the system and increases of transfer efficiency considerably.

Electro transfer selection guide

Specification Electro Transfer Mini Electro Mini Dual Electro Midi Electro Midi Dual
Gel Dimensions 8 x 7 cm 8 x 7 cm x 2 Nos 16 x 14 cms 16 x 14 cms x 2 Nos
Buffer Volume 350 ml 600 ml 1000 ml 1500 ml
Buffer Reservoir 1 1 1 1
Gel Cassette 1 2 1 2
Water Circulation No Yes No Yes
Filter Pads 6 6 6 6
Cushion Pads 12 12 12 12
Cat No BN14-08-01 BN14-08-02 BN14-08-03 BN14-08-04

Electro transfer mini system


Model Electro transfer mini system
Cat No BN14-08-01
Principal Materials Acrylic
Buffer Reservoir 1 No
Buffer Volume 350ml
Gel Cassette 1 No
Gel Size 8x7 cm
Filter pads 6 Nos
Cushion pads 12 Nos
Connecting Cord Red and Black (1 each)
No. of Platinum Electrodes cells Red and Black (1 each)
Lid 1 No

Recommended power supplies: BN14-10-01, BN14-12-02, BN14-12-05, BN14-12-06

* Gel casting unit is an optional accessory