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Dry Bath


Dry Bath is designed to uniformly heat the contents of 24 tubes from ambient 0 to 100 c. The microprocessor controls with digital display ensures accurate temperature control and avoids contamination of samples, unlike in a water bath. Dry bath has soft touch keys enabling easy setting of temperature. It is compact, rugged and easy to handle. Each dry bath is provided with a solid anodized aluminiumcombi block (standard) to hold 24 tubes (1.5ml - 8 tubes; 0.5ml - 8 tubes and 5ml - 8tubes). It is housed in recessed chamber. The micro 0 processor controls ensure aluminum block temperature to be within +0.5 c of set value. It is designed for continuous us and there is no need to unplug. The aluminium block can be autoclaved to avoid contamination.

Model BN14-DB-120
Temperature range +5 c above ambient to 100 c
Controller Digital temperature control
Accuracy +/-0.5 c
Block Size 100 x 75 x 38mm
Block Capacity 0.5ml x 8 Tubes
1.5ml x 8 Tubes
2.5ml x 8 Tubes
Dimension W x D x H (165x255x133)mm
Input Voltage 230V A.C. 50 Hz

Dry bath with dual block


Model BN14-PDB-100
Temperature Range +5 c above ambient to 100 c
Controller PID Temperature controller
Accuracy +/-0.2 c
Sensor PT 100 Sensor
Display Digital Display
Block Capacity 1.5ml / 2ml x 56 tubes
Overall Dimension W x D x H (200x170x105)mm
Block High grade non-porus aluminum
Safety Cutoff Thermostatic safety cutoff
Operating Voltage 230V A.C. 50Hz
Special Acrylic lid To maintain stability for external temperature variation