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Micro centrifuges


Microcentrifuge which has an impact resistant housing. It has been tested in our laboratory under various conditions. You will find it an excellent companion for all small volume centrifugation in 1.5ml tubes in cold room or at room temperature. We manufactures three different types of centrifuges like 6,000rpm, 10,000rpm and 12,000rpm centrifuges with 1.5ml fixed rotor.

Model BN14-MCF-10K
Speed 10,000rpm
Capacity 1.5ml / 2ml x 6 tubes
Control Variable regulated speed
Safety Closed lid operation
Dimension W x D x H (145x180x155)mm
Cabinet Aluminium powder coated enclosure
Input voltage 230V A.C. 50Hz
Working Condition 4 to 60 c



Model BN14-MCF-12K
Maximum RPM 12,000 RPM variable
Maximum capacity 1.5ml / 2ml x 12 tubes
Controller Variable regulated speed
Digital timer 1-20min or continuos mode
Dimension 194 x 235 x 230mm
Safety Closed lid operation
Cabinet Aluminium powder coated
Input Voltage 230V, 50Hz, A.C. Supply
Weight 4kgs. Approx